Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we receive while discussing projects with our customer base. If your question isn’t answered below please contact us, we’ll be glad to help.

Q1.How much does™ cost?

A1.Not as much as you think.™ can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. Our specialist team will help you to choose the solutions that are most effective for your business and, if you want to phase out your project, our travel solutions can be added to your site in different stages.

Q2.I handle online reservations from my website through a reservation request form. Why would I need™ ?
A2.A reservation request form does not guarantee a booking. Several stages of correspondence should be followed up before the sale is actually closed. By having an instant confirmation facility within your reservation system, your hotel may enjoy various benefits, including:
  • Closing sales immediately, and turning your hotel website into a revenue centre.
  • The avoidance of guests 'shopping around'.
  • The ability to make guests feel certain of their reservation.
  • Enhanced pre-staying satisfaction for guests as they are not disturbed by repeated back-and forth correspondence in making reservations.
  • Reductions in the extra work that goes into informing rates and availability.
  • Reductions in the extra work that goes into checking room allotment manually.
  • The ability to offer immediate responses to customers 24/7.
Q3.How will™ increase my sales?™ instantly makes booking through your site more convenient. Travellers often want to book outside of office hours, and™ enables them to do so by keeping your travel shop open 24/7.

It’s great to invest in an™ portal because it:
  • Integrates seamlessly with your new web site;
  • Reduces or eliminates booking enquiries by replacing them with confirmed bookings;
  • Gives you total control over allocations, rates and promotions – instantly
  • Drives customers to your own web site and reduces your reliance on 3rd parties
  • & so much more

Your customers will love™ because it:
  • Instantly confirms a booking by email or SMS;
  • Provides security in knowing they are booking direct with the provider;
  • Gives access to your best rates all year;
  • Deals direct in their own language – as we support more than 16 languages.
Q4.Can I differentiate my rates among internet users, travel agents and corporate clients?
A4.Yes. ICON.access™ can be seamlessly integrated with any™ module to enable you to display rates and other confidential information to each agent/client separately. Rates for travel agents/corporate clients will only be accessible with a login/password combination.
Q5.How do my Agents/Corporate Clients access the system to make a booking?
A5.Through your own website. An agent or corporate client logging into a special link on your website will be transferred to an -generated reservations page (which you can create through ICON.snap™ without having to refer to us). This can also include their own logo, banner, and graphics.
Q6.Do you also handle credit-card payments?
A6.Yes, through our electronic payment gateway technology,™, you will be able to accept all major credit and debit cards. This enables your customers to purchase your products quickly and securely.
Q7.But is™ safe?
A7.Yes, our electronic payment gateway is PCI certified, meaning that our customers have the peace of mind that their solution adheres to the strictest international payment standards. This solution also supports the latest security innovation: 3D Secure.
Q8.What Banks does™ support? connects to several banks, however out-of-the-box we support BOV ( and HSBC ( This is convenient if you want to benefit from the tax advantages relative to earnings in Malta. Nonetheless, we are also able to connect to your bank of choice should this be required.
Q9.How do I update my prices and availability?
A9.It’s easy! Just log in to your ICON.snap™ account from your office or iPhone and create a new period to over-write your standard prices. You can do this in advance and set the prices to launch on particular dates, or you can do this on the day.
Q10.What reporting is available?
A10.The beauty of™ is that it keeps you in-the-know. Our specific availability reporting system manages the different products that you offer and helps you to handle administrative processes through functions, reports and detailed statistics. Additionally, ICON will set up a Google Analytics account for your site, which gives detailed information on the hits that you are receiving.
Q11.How can I get my site to rank?
A11.ICON specialised software, ICON.rank™, can be seamlessly integrated within your site and booking system software to provide a search engine optimisation solution that will help you to rank better in Google and other search engines. Additionally, the award-wining ICON.snap™ content-management system gives you full control of the content on your site and enables you to update it as frequently as you like.
Q12.Why should I work with ICON?
A12.ICON is a Microsoft Gold Partner and our team has over 30 years’ combined experience in the travel industry, as well as award-winning software solutions to integrate within your site. Moreover, we are here to listen to your requirements and to achieve a solid solution for your business that will help it to grow and develop within the competitive online world.
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