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Start Your Own Travel Business™ is the booking system solution that helps you to get your travel company off the ground and enables you to sell travel products online quickly and securely.

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Consult Our Team for Inpiration

The™ team has a wealth of travel experience behind it. With over 30 years of collective travel know-how through Europe, we are here to help and inspire you, ironing out any kinks that may crop up along the way. We understand what is required, and will do our very best to provide ideas that will lead to successful travel solutions.

Get Noticed

The web is a busy place and your business will need all the help it can get to stand out from the crowd. At ICON, all of our websites are designed to be unique, as well as search engine friendly. Our variety of travel solutions and software modules will give you the tools to be striking and different, thus attracting attention from all over the world. Additionally, specialised SEO services can be included to boost your search engine rating.

Enjoy the Earnings

With™ as your booking system, you are guaranteed a return on your investment and to increase the flow of traffic to your site as well as increased bookings. As a travel solution, it offers you the tools you need to build your business from the ground up and to transform it into a successful travel portal.

The Right Travel Solutions for You

The™ booking system software is built from scratch, making it wholly customisable to suit the unique requirements of your travel business. Each of our solutions is available individually or as part of a package. So, whether you simply want to make your hotel rooms available online, or would like to manage a client’s booking from accommodation to excursions, and everything in between,™ offers a one-stop solution that is both effective and great value for money.

Sell Your Travel Products Through

Our software is cutting-edge, helping you to market internationally. So, with™ as your travel booking system, the world is your oyster. Choose to sell travel products online directly, or open your company up to the whole WWW world through the use of XML interchange of data, increasing your inventory and sales with ease. You could soon be reaching more online contacts than you ever imagined.

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